Roblox Deepwoken Map Guide, All Locations, and Everything to Know-Game Guides-LDPlayer (2024)

Monad Studios has developed a challenging role-playing game set in the fantasy genre called Deepwoken. You can die at any time, there's a complex combat system, and there's always something dangerous waiting around the corner. You can set out alone or with a crew to discover the World and make your own history. The Deepwoken World is enormous, as is the gameplay, and a thorough familiarity for Deepwoken map is essential for success.


Roblox Deepwoken Map Guide, All Locations, and Everything to Know-Game Guides-LDPlayer (1)

But the lack of a reliable map is the game's primary issue. Only a tiny fraction of the World's major urban areas and regions are displayed there, and the Deepwoken Roblox does not allow you to place waypoints or locate other players. It's challenging to navigate or find supplies using this map.

So in order to help you find essential things without getting lost, we have created this Deepwoken map guide. To get better graphics and easily beat the big fat monsters on your journeys, Play Roblox on PC with LDPlayer. So let's start the Deepwoken map guide.

Where to Start On Deepwoken Maps?

So, as we said, the map is horrible, but there is a player-created map that you can use. Simply go to "" before starting your journey; it is better than most maps because it is regularly updated, so if anything is added to the game, you can count on it to be there. But Not all solutions are perfect; you can say the same for this map because if you are a beginner to Deepwoken, you may have little trouble using this map.

But with this Deepwoken map guide, we will show you the ropes to quickly use this map. When you load this map for the first time, you will see a map similar to World of warcraft with seas and all, but if you want to find anything, you should pay attention to its right-side navigation menu of the Deepwoken map. For ease of use, it is divided into four categories; Areas, points of interest, NPCs, and shops.

Roblox Deepwoken Map Guide, All Locations, and Everything to Know-Game Guides-LDPlayer (2)

You will see each category has two main options; for example, you will see the Display Area name and show area navigation in the areas category of the panel. If you remove the tick mark from the check box "Display area Name," you can get a clear view of the map without names obscuring the view, and when you click on the "show area Navigation," it will show a list of areas in the game.

When you need to find something in an area you are in, you should use them to get a closer look and clear idea of the area you are in or the area you want to know about in the Deepwoken map.

NPCs of Deepwoken Map

You are given access to this portion of the Deepwoken map so that you can more easily locate the non-playable characters in the game. You will be presented with a list of NPC names that are relevant to the gameplay of the game if you click on the button labeled "Show NPC Navigation."

You should only use the "Display NPC Names' ' option when you need to find them; otherwise, you will have a very confusing map that shows a bunch of text that you really have no idea what it means. Clicking on a name will take you straight to the place the NPC resides on the Deepwoken map.

This is likewise true for the "Display Area Name" option; you should only use these two settings when it is necessary to do so. Considering that it is currently activated by default, we recommend removing the checkmark as soon as the Deepwoken map loads for a more enjoyable experience.

Deepwoken Roblox Point of Interest

This section was developed specifically to assist you in locating the locations on the map that receive the greatest amount of foot traffic. When playing Deepwoken, these are the locations that are most frequently visited by players; consequently, it is highly likely that you will also need to navigate to these locations.

For the purpose of making this "Point of Interest" section easier to use, it has been divided into the following six subcategories: seafaring, crafting, fast travel, services, and mining. In each of these categories, you will discover the items listed below.

  • Services: Guild Clark, InnKeep, Blacksmith, Antiquarian.
  • Seafaring: Jetty Post, Shipwright.

Roblox Deepwoken Map Guide, All Locations, and Everything to Know-Game Guides-LDPlayer (3)

  • Survival: Campfire, Well.
  • Fast Travel: Oath Game
  • Mining: Stones, Coal, Erisore, Gold, Iron, Irithine.

You have to click on the faded icon next to each name to Display them on the map, and be sure to turn on the one you need to find.

Deepwoken Roblox Online Map Shops Section

If you want to buy anything in the game, this is the section you should go to. It is located at the very bottom of the navigation pan, and you will find the following things divided into eight categories.




Repair Hammer

Lumber Axe

Training Gear

Math Textbook



Training Vest

Ankle Weights


Prayer Beads

Gale Kata

How to Make Friends

Weapon Manual


Pure Heart


Self-Conducting Loop


Parrying Dagger




Iron Spear


Ritual Spear


Steel Maul




Silver Dagger

Worshipper Shield


Armor Recipies

Skeptic Pioneer

Flame Worshipper Armor

Darksteel Plate

Navaen Nomad Robes

Pathfinder Cloak

Cutthroat Light Armor

Shadow Hunter

Pathfinder Arch-Sorcerer

Experienced Adventurer

Wandering Swordsman

Summer Company Uniform


Hunter's Brace


Crystal Lens



Drift Shard





Amnesic Driftwood



Mushroom Omelette

Mushroom Bisque


Fishing Rod


When you use this section of the Deepwoken Roblox map, you will see two options: show all and Hide all. If you want to use the map, you should ignore the show all option because when you use it, every single thing on that list will show up on the map, overlapping one another; you will not find anything this way, so remember to use the check mark in front of the thing you want to see it will instantly show up on the screen.

Keep the Campfire as the Center of Location

If you want to get cured; you should go here. If you've put on an item without another of the same type, you must head here to take it off. For instance, when you put on the blindfold, you'll need to locate a campfire to remove it. After that, you may use your camp stove to access your talent tab. If you've forgotten what each of your talents does, you can review their descriptions by clicking the talents tab.

Roblox Deepwoken Map Guide, All Locations, and Everything to Know-Game Guides-LDPlayer (4)

If you wish to disassemble one of your Mantras so you can put its components on a Table and then update or replace those components, you'll need to disable the Mantra first. To summon a specific monster, simply go to your campfire, select the mantras tab, scroll to the desired monster's name, and then recall it. To your available resources, the monster will now be added.

So in order to survive longer, knowing where every campfire is on the map is crucial; go into the surviving section of the point of interest tab and take a screenshot; when you are adventuring, try to have a rough idea of which direction you should go to find a campfire.


So we have shown you how to use the map and where to find it. The best way to use this map is by using it to make a mental picture of the world; this will help you to navigate through the game, not always relying on the map. We hope the information provided here helps you to play the game somehow. Now it is time for us to end this Deepwoken map guide. Thanks for reading; we wish you good luck.

Roblox Deepwoken Map Guide, All Locations, and Everything to Know-Game Guides-LDPlayer (2024)


How to get the Deepwoken map? ›

Deepwoken has ingame maps that you will permanently receive for free across all slots once talking to a Shipwright for the first time. These point out your current location, the location of allies, and most landmarks in the current map, as well as NPCs like Antiquarians or Smiths in your area.

Does Deepwoken still cost Robux? ›

Yes, Deepwoken costs Robux to play. It's currently priced at 400 Robux. Get ready for an epic adventure!

Is Deepwoken free now? ›

Deepwoken is a RPG experience developed by Vows by the Sea, the same group that made Rogue Lineage and Tales from the Valley. The game revolves around difficult combat and exploration. It is paid access and costs 400 Robux.

Do you age in Deepwoken? ›

Moon Rings stop your character from changing visually, but they will still age. If you are significantly older than another player of the same race then they get the "Juvenile" or "Nephew" title over their name like it would for a family member and you get "Elder" above yours for them.

How much HP does an enforcer have? ›

Statwise, it is quite weak, with only (3700, 4000 or 4100 depending on the variant) health. This sounds like a lot, but if taking PvE scaling into account, even at the earliest level you can fight him, Power 17, it would have about 890 health.

Is 400 Robux 5 dollars? ›

That's why virtual currency bundles exist in such generous sums. By following this pricing system, you can plan how much Robux you want to buy on the Roblox website: $4.99 – 400 Robux. $9.99 – 800 Robux.

How much does 80$ Robux give you? ›

While prices can vary slightly depending on your location and any ongoing deals, typically, $80 would net you around 6,400 Robux. That's a substantial amount to enhance your gaming! This figure comes from the standard rate Roblox offers, where $1 equals roughly 80 Robux.

How much does 100000 Robux cost in money? ›

100,000 Robux roughly equals about $1,250 in US dollars. This estimation is based on the standard conversion rate where 1 Robux is valued at approximately $0.0125. However, remember, the exact amount can vary depending on whether you're buying in bulk or have a Roblox Premium subscription.

How much is 400 Robux? ›

Note: Different currencies have different values.
Amount of RobuxPrice (USD)Price (AUD) [citation needed]
400 Robux$4.99$8.49
800 Robux$9.99$16.99
1,700 Robux$19.99$34.99
2,000 Robux$24.99N/A
9 more rows

What can get you banned in Deepwoken? ›

Usage of derogative words, such as slurs, aimed at another wiki member(s) or organization(s). Repeated posts / messages over a short time, and unnecessarily long comments. Using templates improperly across the Wiki. Posting in Discussions under the wrong category.

Can you buy a katana in Deepwoken? ›

Additionally, it drops from Etrean Royal Guard at an uncommon rate and can be bought from Chili for around 90 notes.

How do you get to deepwoken depths? ›

Players are sent to the Depths after dying whilst having a stained/rusty health bar, getting killed by the Primadon, being sucked in by whirlpools, losing their last skull in the Chime of Conflict, dying with the Hollow or Vow of Thorns modifiers, dying within a Voidzone, being consumed by a corrupted Blood Scourge, ...

Where is the starting area in Deepwoken? ›

Your starting location is The Voidheart. Talk to the Voidmother to leave, taking you to Lower Erisia initially, but upon next encounter, taking you to where you last used the Voideye.

Where is the hive deepwoken map? ›

Description. The Hive is a faction that operates within large trees known as Greathives. An example of these is the relatively new Greathive Aratel, which is located in the upper north of Aratel Island. It can only be accessed through washing your face in the Lightkeeper Temple before using the shrine teleporter.

How do you unlock all elements in Deepwoken? ›

Fandom. how to unlock more element? You'd have to find the trainers for each mantra. Thundercall trainer is on summer's isles, firecharmer is on songseeker island, galewind is on vigil starting island, and frostdraw is on Etris island.

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