Destiny 2 The Final Shape Power Level explained: Soft, hard cap, and how to increase (2024)

While The Final Shape may have had a rocky start with plenty of error codes such as Weasel, CAT, or Plum and server issues popping, as things have stabilized, players are now grinding their Power Level, with Bungie making several quality-of-life changes for this expansion.

Having a high PL won't matter initially, especially if you're a long-time returning or brand-new player just getting the hang of how things work, however, if you're a veteran that's looking to tackle endgame content, such as the Salvation's Edge raid, then boosting your Power Level fast is a must.

In this guide. we'll tell you everything you need to know about Power Level in Destiny 2, including the soft and hard cap as well as how to raise it effectively.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Power Level caps

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Power Level explained: Soft, hard cap, and how to increase (1)

Destiny 2 features a Power Level cap system, which lets players tackle progressively harder activities. Naturally, the more difficult, the better the rewards. For The Final Shape and Act 1 of Episode Echoes, the PL caps are the following:

  • Power Floor: 1900
  • Soft Cap: 1940
  • Powerful Cap: 1990
  • Hard Cap/Pinnacle Cap: 2000

The floor is the base PL going into The Final Shape, with all weapons and armor pieces starting at 1900. Meanwhile, the hard or Pinnacle cap is the maximum amount of PL players can accrue without taking into consideration the boost given by the artifact, the Hunter's Journal.

Best way to raise Power Level in Destiny 2 The Final Shape

Raising PL can be a grind, however, Bungie has made it easier for players with multiple characters as drops for all characters will be relative to the character with the highest PL.

Furthermore, even if you did all the designated Powerful rewards each week, you'll still get access to better rewards with at least +1 PL until you reach the Powerful Cap.

Here are our recommendations for raising your Power Level fast in Destiny 2 The Final Shape:

Play the The Final Shape Legendary campaign

This might be a tough one if you're a complete newcomer as you may lack the expertise and gear to tackle it, but if you can do it, we suggest you try and do so.

The experience is a fun and challenging one, but more importantly, it will constantly give you drops significantly higher than the designated power floor, and upon completion, you'll get a full gear of 1960 armor, just 30 PL below the Powerful Cap.

Play Ritual Activities

Perhaps you don't want to indulge in a hard campaign experience or are trying Destiny 2 as a free-to-play Guardian, there's still plenty of ways to grind for PL, such as Ritual Activities.

While things such as Vanguard Ops require a specific PL (1945), you can still have a go at them and expect valuable rewards. However, activities such as Onslaught, the Crucible, and Gambit have PL disabled meaning the playing field is evened out.

On the Vanguard Ops topic, do remember that Bungie made it so players with low PL can still join these harder activities if they're playing alongside someone who has a high Power Level. Just be mindful that it might be a tad harder for the entire fireteam.

Complete Pathfinder tracks

Pathfinder is a new way of farming in Destiny 2, essentially grouping all vendor challenges into a single, easy-to-follow, reward track. You can find the Ritual Activities Pathfinder by selecting one from the main Destinations tab and tapping or clicking the button in the bottom left corner.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Power Level explained: Soft, hard cap, and how to increase (2)

The challenges range from getting kills with a specific weapon, activity-exclusive bounties like killing Titans in the Crucible, earning multi-kills with Supers, and more.

Once you reach the end of your first track you'll get a Prime Engram, Bright Dust, an Enhancement Prism, and a ton of XP for your battle pass. You can reset your path and try again, with subsequent runs delivering fewer rewards.

Earning Pinnacle rewards

Pinnacle rewards are the most sought-after in Destiny 2's endgame as these are the only drops that can push you beyond the Powerful cap and into the Pinnacle one.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Power Level explained: Soft, hard cap, and how to increase (3)

So far with The Final Shape, the activities that offer Pinnacle gear are raids, dungeons, and exotic missions. These are all on a rotator and the highlighted raid, dungeon, or mission that will drop Pinnacle gear will change weekly. Naturally, expect the new Salvation's Edge raid to drop Pinnacles each week.

What is the Salvation's Edge Power Level requirement?

If you're wondering about Power Levels in The Final Shape then you're definitely wondering what's the PL needed to play the raid. Well, Bungie confirmed that it will be set at 1965, 5 PL above the rewards you'll get for completing the Legendary TFS campaign.

So there you have it. For more content, check out all the new The Final Shape exotics and how to get them.

Destiny 2 The Final Shape Power Level explained: Soft, hard cap, and how to increase (2024)


How do you increase power level after soft cap in Destiny 2? ›

The Pinnacle cap for Destiny 2 is 2000, meaning that between 1900 and 2000, the only way to increase your Power level is to get Pinnacle rewards.

What is the max power in final shape? ›

You won't be able to boost your Power above level 2000, but can artificially boost it with the Seasonal Artifact.

What is the hard cap and soft cap in destiny? ›

Soft Cap: 1940. Powerful Cap: 1990. Hard Cap/Pinnacle Cap: 2000.

How to get free 1810 gear? ›

In the new Into The Light area there is a chest you can access that gives each character 1810 weapons and armor. I believe it's the chest that used to be located in the HELM.

How to get past 1750 soft cap? ›

The following list should help you reach the power cap of 1800 from 1750:
  1. Vendor bonuses on Tower.
  2. Competitive PvP.
  3. 3 Nightfall completions.
  4. Vendor rank-up rewards.
  5. Terminal Overload in Lightfall.
  6. Season of Defiance activity.
  7. Hawthorne clan rewards.
  8. Featured Raid and Dungeon of the week.
Jun 23, 2023

What power level for final shape raid? ›

PT. The fireteam leader must complete the campaign and exotic quest to launch the raid. Players looking to participate in the raid must reach a power level of 1965.

What is the Fireteam power in The Final Shape? ›

The Final Shape expansion in Destiny 2 will introduce updated Fireteam Power features for more interactive gameplay with friends. Power levels in Destiny 2 are determined by gear, with Fireteam Power giving a boost to players with lower levels to enjoy endgame content.

How to get 1800 power in Destiny 2? ›

How to Reach Powerful Cap (1800)
  1. Vendor Challenges (Doing eight Bounties for Zavala, Drifter, Lord Shaxx, Banshee-44)
  2. Completing 3 matches in Gambit and Crucible (Pinnacle Gear)
  3. Completing 5 activities in the Vanguard Ops playlist at minimum, higher difficulty Nightfalls will grant additional progress. (
Mar 3, 2023

What is the highest power level in Destiny 2? ›

Power Cap, Max Pinnacle Power, and Soft Cap - Season 23

The last time “levels” were involved was the release of Destiny 2: Forsaken, which saw the level cap raised to 50. Now players only need to focus on Power. The new max Power is 1990 (2000 with Pinnacle gear) as of The Final Shape.

What is the soft cap in destiny 2 season 23? ›

Destiny 2 Power Caps

As such, Light Level Caps for Season of the Wish (Season 23) are the following: All Guardians start with 1600 Base Power Level, the Soft cap is 1750, the Powerful cap is 1800, and the Pinnacle cap is 1810.

What is the new power system in Destiny 2? ›

In The Final Shape, a new system will be introduced that allows players with low Power to have a Power Level close to the player with the highest Power in the Fireteam. If you have friends who still need to level up their character but want to go to Grandmaster or other activities, you'll be able to help them.

How to increase soft cap? ›

As you complete missions in the new expansion, every piece of gear you gain will help your Power level increase to the soft cap of 1750. At 1750, you will need to gain Powerful gear from specific enemies and missions to get 1800.

Are they making Destiny 3? ›

Destiny 2. Most likely everything that was going to be in D3 is going to be rolled into the future of D2. Bungie has recently stated that after the split, D3 is not in the plans, even in the future.

How to raise power level in Destiny 2? ›

To increase your Power level, you must obtain new weapons and armor with a higher Power level rating. All non-sunset loot you obtain will increase your Power level until you reach the "soft cap." This cap changes each expansion.

How do you get out of the soft cap in Destiny 2? ›

Once you reach the soft cap, you will need to obtain Powerful Gear rewards from weekly milestones and activities to obtain gear with a higher level. Your Director will list every activity that grants Powerful Gear.

What to do after reaching power cap Destiny 2? ›

You should see a bunch of yellowish star/badge icons on the map if you want to do that otherwise do story campaigns, grind out strike rewards, do daily bounties and seasonal challenge for season rank xp, get into raids or dungeons etc. The game relies on you setting your own goals on what to grind for.

How do you increase item power in Destiny 2? ›

Infusion is a way for players to increase their gear's Power by consuming another piece of gear of the same type. Players will be able to Infuse gear within an item's details screen. Infusing an item cannot be undone!

How to increase masterwork level in Destiny 2? ›

Legendary weapons can be upgraded to Masterworks by:
  1. Inspect the Legendary Weapon.
  2. Hover over the Tier slot.
  3. Select the next upgrade Tier from the menu to increase the weapon's Tier by 1.
  4. Repeat until Tier 10 is reached to Masterwork the weapon.

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