Az511 Twitter (2024)

1. AZ 511

  • Arizona Alerts · Map · Traffic · My AZ 511

  • Provides up to the minute traffic and transit information for Arizona. View the real time traffic map with travel times, traffic accident details, traffic cameras and other road conditions. Plan your trip and get the fastest route taking into account current traffic conditions.

AZ 511

2. View Live Arizona Alerts - AZ 511

View Live Arizona Alerts - AZ 511

3. Arizona Department of Transportation - Facebook

  • The closure is due to a brush fire. There is no estimated reopening time. For real-time traffic info, check & the AZ511 app:

  • ראה/ראי פוסטים, תמונות ועוד בפייסבוק.

4. Plan for daytime lane closures on State Route 89A near the town of ...

  • For real-time highway conditions statewide, visit ADOT's Traveler Information Site at, follow ADOT on Twitter (@ArizonaDOT) or call 511, except ...

  • Arizona Department of Transportation sent this bulletin at 04/16/2021 10:14 AM MST. If you would like alerts on this and other ADOT news, sign up above to receive our GovDelivery notices.

5. Schultz/Pipeline Flood Area - Coconino County

  • AZ511 Highway Closure Information. AZ511. Pipeline Flood Call Center. Fire ... Pipeline Fire on Twitter #PipelineFire. Black Fire on X (Formerly Twitter).

  • Pipeline Fire

6. Arizona's 511 Travel Information System - FooteWork

  • The new website allows users to save their favorite routes and most ... ADOT's Twitter feed is visible on the home page, making it easy for ...

  • A modernized, mobile-friendly Arizona 511 Travel Information System website and phone line are now available from the Arizona Department of Transportation.

7. lane closures and restrictions - I-17 Improvement Project

  • The Arizona Department of Transportation reminds motorists to plan for overnight lane restrictions on Interstate 17 during the upcoming week. The restrictions ...

8. ADOT Twitter at 200,000: It began with no plan, no policy, no permission

  • Oct 5, 2017 · Drivers were stranded on I-17 and I-40 for hours as weather pounded northern Arizona and plows struggled to clear a path. The az511 website and ...

  • At first, I tracked followers on an index card, each week documenting the number of people who chose to engage with @ArizonaDOT on Twitter (@ADOT was already taken). We quickly outgrew the index card.

ADOT Twitter at 200,000: It began with no plan, no policy, no permission
Az511 Twitter (2024)
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